Zen and art of Motorcycle biking

WOW what a book!. I am almost about to finish it and I found it most out of the box book on philosophy.  Mostly I have read books which argues about certain ideas and it’s comparison with other. This books unities different conflicting ideas, and comes up with a new idea about- what is meant by Quality ? and combines it to our daily activities.

Most of us are afraid of words like philosophy, but this books explains you how it be the most useful thing and why it is necessary.

Although, what I found was author assumes reader is familiar with certain ideas of philosophies, like zen Buddhism and other. But even if one skips those parts and read along I am sure one will have a pleasant reading experience and might alter the way one works.


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  1. no way! I have this book on my shelf, and it’s the next one on my list!!


  2. Posted by atulveer on June 30, 2008 at 8:29 PM

    as a side note I would like to add that, in this book author is talking about his biking `trip` 🙂 across US and while he talks about it, he has cleverly woven his thoughts about Life, technology and especially What is meant by Quality… So if Adams hasnt read this book, you can think of giving him it as a gift. as it has both TRIP + Quality..I am sure both will be helpful to you all in building Entrip.. I learned that idea of Entrip came from his trip across US. coincidence? 🙂


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