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Death – The Great Teacher!

My Grand pa died when I was in 7th standard, I loved my grand mother a lot and I could feel her sandness and pain in her after loosing her husband.

That experience changed me. I started thinking why should we live when in the end we are going to die. I wanted to know the solid reason. Its like we build for a purpose. We build house to live safely and securely. We manufacture clothes (to protect ourselves), vehicles (for transportation). In essence, our every action has some purpose and by same reasoning I started asking What is purpose of life? Is it to get good marks in 8th then 9th then in 10th then go to college then to higher studies then get married have children grow old and die??? These question shook the whole foundations of my ideas about the world around me;there was a earth quake in my mind and all the preconceived ideas about life and world around me came tumbling down.

That was the beginning of a journey, a quest to find a meaning in life! I will share my experiences in coming days (not sure when though 🙂


Anna, Fast is not Enough! – an open letter to Anna Hazare

Dear Anna,

We salute you for the courage and determination you have shown over last week.Through your movement you have made every Indian aware of his/her power. We have stood by you in our fight against corruption.

I am really proud to say that we are fighting peacefully against corruption, but I also believe our fight should be very well thought out, we should solve the root of the problem. When we say, our goal is right, we should make sure that path we are taking is right as well.

I have few objections to the path which you have chosen.I am proud of myself because we are the second largest democracy in the World. You always have the right to go on indefinite fast, but saying that, “Government should PASS the bill, or I will die”, will not show Right path to the People of India. Anna, in this age of darkness, where we don’t have a strong political leader, we are looking towards you as our leader, who will show us the right path. If we want to pass any other good bills; are you suggesting we will have to go on fasting, till all the bills are passed? Is this how we want to run our country? I am aware of the frustration everyone has against the current system, but saying its system’s fault and going on fast till death to meet our demands,would be very naive and immature.

You and your team says, there have been lot of discussions on this bill, you have taken opinion of the people for it, which is great(simply because lot of people are supporting anything doesn’t mean that is right thing), but that doesn’t mean we should FORCE government to pass only OUR draft of the bill. This will do injustice to other people’s views (there are some other drafts by some other NGOs as well). Even if we succeed in this way it will set a trend to get anything done.

The long term solution I see is, you and your team should form a political party, face the elections, we will elect you as a majority in Parliament. This way we can get lot of other good bills passed. As they say, “To change the system we should become part of the system”. Lets become part of the democracy and fight in a systematic way. We always say, “Why we can not have Good politicians? Why cant WE, as Indians, elect Good People? Why Good people are not part of the system?”.

This movement is very good start, but in the long run India needs, Good people to join politics, you and your team can take a lead in doing that, you should start a political party! (Should I say “I will go on indefinite fast, until you start a political party?”).

Lets become part of the democratic system to make it strong and lets run our India more systematically.


An Indian.

Essence of Life : Pursuit of Happiness!

Doubt it? Watch this excellent presentation by Tony Hsieh of Zappos at Startup School 2009. He talks about Zappos first and ends up asking “What is your Goal in Life?”. If you are confused this presentation might help. Enjoy!


Watch live video from Startup School on Justin.tvSlides:

Zen and art of Motorcycle biking

WOW what a book!. I am almost about to finish it and I found it most out of the box book on philosophy.  Mostly I have read books which argues about certain ideas and it’s comparison with other. This books unities different conflicting ideas, and comes up with a new idea about- what is meant by Quality ? and combines it to our daily activities.

Most of us are afraid of words like philosophy, but this books explains you how it be the most useful thing and why it is necessary.

Although, what I found was author assumes reader is familiar with certain ideas of philosophies, like zen Buddhism and other. But even if one skips those parts and read along I am sure one will have a pleasant reading experience and might alter the way one works.