Seth Godin at his Best on Marketing!



RubyConf India – 2011

I'm attending RubyConf India 2011

Jason F. on failure, planning, productivity, inspitation

Jason Fried @ Big Omaha 2009 from Big Omaha on Vimeo.

Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

Thanks Pranav for making it open source! Hats off to you bro!! I am sure your innovation will change the way we will interact with the world in near future. It will truly make us more human!

Update: More latest videos –





Essence of Life : Pursuit of Happiness!

Doubt it? Watch this excellent presentation by Tony Hsieh of Zappos at Startup School 2009. He talks about Zappos first and ends up asking “What is your Goal in Life?”. If you are confused this presentation might help. Enjoy!


Watch live video from Startup School on Justin.tvSlides:

Future of Work!

I stumbled upon this great presentation about Future Of Work by oDesk! Enjoy!

How to practice Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

Recently there are many funny ads that are being aired on TV by IBM about Innovation, where in every one is trying to DO or say practice innovation, WITHOUT knowing how to do it so they spend most of their time by irrelevant activities to kill time, and then IBM guys come up and say We are doing it!, sounds great. I love this one the most :).

I believe meaning of these two words; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; has always been; and will always be, evergreen in Human evolution. Main reason for that is these two words imply Change and Growth; which is what Life is all about. So it is not surprising that as we march ahead towards knowledge society these words will become more important; and everyone wants to DO innovation; but hardly anyone knows how to do it. One man has the answer.

Recently while surfing through huge collection of books in Gadgil Economics Library, Pune I bumped into a classic book by Father of Management, Peter F. Drucker titled, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. After reading it my respect for Peter Drucker has grown considerably. He proposes a model by which we can convert these two highly abstract words into a practice; as in Medical practice or a law practice. The same way he converted old so called getting things done concept into a practice of Management, through his numerous books. It took almost 10-20 years for people to understand what he was talking about and I think it will take a lot more to understand what he means by Innovation as a practice and then DOING it.

Challenges of 21st century or a century where we will move to knowledge society, are many and it’s must that we understand the nature of new Knowledge society and also the true meaning of these two words. I believe Peter Druker’s books will surely guide all of us through that transition.