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Death – The Great Teacher!

My Grand pa died when I was in 7th standard, I loved my grand mother a lot and I could feel her sandness and pain in her after loosing her husband.

That experience changed me. I started thinking why should we live when in the end we are going to die. I wanted to know the solid reason. Its like we build for a purpose. We build house to live safely and securely. We manufacture clothes (to protect ourselves), vehicles (for transportation). In essence, our every action has some purpose and by same reasoning I started asking What is purpose of life? Is it to get good marks in 8th then 9th then in 10th then go to college then to higher studies then get married have children grow old and die??? These question shook the whole foundations of my ideas about the world around me;there was a earth quake in my mind and all the preconceived ideas about life and world around me came tumbling down.

That was the beginning of a journey, a quest to find a meaning in life! I will share my experiences in coming days (not sure when though 🙂